Public Activism

The mission advances.


Freedom Flotilla III is accomplishing much. Most of these stories will only be revealed on completion of this particular mission.

Here is the most recent video update from the FF3 Media Centre:

There is also relentless pressure from Israel to do whatever needs to be done to sabotage the mission. There will be many stories to share after the mission. The opposition has been strong, but futile in derailing the almost 50 sailors from about 20 nations from various spheres of public life.

Israel has imposed enormous pressure on port authorities around the Mediterranean Sea. Our boats were continually delayed due to attempts to sabotage the mission by port authorities failing inspections, demanding extra maintenance, and so on. To delay the sail, the Israeli regime trusts, impacts negatively on the spirit and availability of all of us. Hopefully, some of us will have to get back to our jobs back home, Israel reckons.

These attempts to foil the mission are thus characterised by intimidation. Several days ago, as my boat’s crew transitioned from a rendezvous point to the next city, I observed that we were being tailed. What was meant to be a 15-minute drive turned into a 3-hour saga as we applied different ways to ‘lose the tail’. Each time their ‘cover was blown’, a new tail emerged. At least three vehicles attempted to follow us to the next meeting point, a crucial location for our boat’s part of the mission. With a leading international media reporter in this team, we exploited the opportunity to photograph and film aspects of the chase, which is among the footage that will be released at the appropriate time.

As activist sailors we have had to function in a clandestine manner even before we all convened in an undisclosed location. In South Africa my phone was tapped, and undoubtedly a measure of surveillance imposed on me. In fact, the public announcement of my participation in the mission was only announced, albeit prematurely, while en route to the overseas meeting point.

During the past week we have moved around a lot. Different meetings in different venues in different cities. To protect the integrity of the mission, we share virtually nothing with anyone. We give no indication that we are activists – no ‘Free Palestine’ t-shirts, no public discussions about Palestine / Israel / Freedom Flotilla, and no release of any details to the media (including social media) about the mission. Numerous messages from loved ones and dear comrades concerned about us, wanting to confirm where we are and how we are doing, verifying if we are sailing or not, many of these go unanswered for the moment.

We live ‘in the moment’ … appreciating the mystery and ethos of the mission, not unlike that of the mysterious and rhythmic movement of the waves. Beautiful moments. Comfortable, though, it is not. But, like the kairos moment, it is significant, opportune and full of promise.

Participating in the Flotilla Waves, ultimately, is about mobilising people everywhere to acknowledge and respond to the plight of Palestinians in and beyond Gaza and to hold Israel accountable for its crimes of apartheid, genocide and land theft.

The Israeli regime’s crimes against humanity, violations of human rights, continuous land-grabbing, and blatant disregard of international law…..all these are no longer secrets. We cannot be clandestine or covert about that. These have been ugly secrets: It has been exposed; it is being exposed; it will be exposed.

The kairos moment beckons: Publicise!

See my video:




  1. Well done. You guys are doing an excellent job bringing light to the crimes of the israeli regime. It’s time to stand united and bring an end to the oppression, once and for all


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